kelly britter (owner)

Kelly has been in the industry as a personal trainer and owner of Fitness Addix for over 16 years now. Winning many National and State Titles in Natural Body Building and Shaping; Kelly really has achieved a lot with determination and hard work. At 19, she discovered and found a new love for boxing and kick boxing and it was then, when she realized it was time to work in the fitness industry. After three years of completing all necessary qualifications, Kelly began her personal training career working in and out of various gym until she had built a large enough clientele to start her own studio - Fitness Addix.

With the success of her growing business, it lead to greater opportunities for which she took and opened up a second gym in Essendon Fields. “I felt like I wanted to go to back to where it all started and saw the newly developed Essendon Fields as a quickly growing area”. “I had a vision that I would wait till the area grew and then really focus on having one of the best facilities available”. “ I have always had a great team of trainers and been able to provide the best possible service so I can always offer 100% to all clients.”

in the near future, she plans to put all my time and effort into evolving and expanding Fitness Addix, Essendon by offering the latest health and fitness and staying true to what works. Kelly believes that health and fitness works hand in hand with balance and lifestyle choices, therefore her goal is to provide support, guidance and education and never skimp on service.

“The fitness industry is not just about telling people what to eat and how to train. It is about trust, education and vision for both trainer and client alike. Come down and meet the team at Fitness Addix, and be apart of the family.”


  • Competed in both State and National Titles in Body Shaping
  • Won 3 x 1st; 1 x 2nd and 1 x 3rd
  • Holds state and an Australian title in boxing and kick boxing
  • Trains every day
  • Owner of Fitness Addix
  • Mother of two beautiful children, Parker and Acelin.

adam britter

I have been a Personal Trainer and Fitness Advisor for almost 4 years now. I have tried to gain as much knowledge about as many different training styles and methods as possible. Strength, Conditioning and Endurance are the methods I really enjoy teaching. I myself am a product of my own methods of training, since 2011 I have lost over 20kg’s and turned a lazy life into a life consisting of long distance running, 4-5 day a week weight sessions and proper nutrition. I think the most important thing about Personal Training is building a great rapport with my clients, so we can achieve the goals as a team. I make the sessions hard but also fun, training doesn’t have to be boring smash. I make my sessions exciting and different every time. 

“Sore? Tired? Out of breath? Good it’s working” 
A little about me:
•    Love running (3 x Run Melbourne Half Marathons) 
•    Shoulders are the best muscles to workout
•    Sports diehard
•    Training isn’t meant to be just hard, it’s meant to be a journey.
•    Be active everyday



shana vong

Exercise and sport has been an important aspect of my life since i can remember and that hobby soon became a passion when i attained my certificates and diploma in 2013, which then lead to my fitness career here at Fitness Addix. i am currently on the road to completing my Bachelor in exercise and sport science, with the hope of continually applying knowledge to my clients and educating them about exercise everyday. I thoroughly enjoy torturing and challenging members and clients (both physically and mentally) however, i am a strong believer in having fun through it all! Haha. i don't have an inspirational story, just passion, experience, too much energy and extra lovin' for squats.

"It doesn't matter how far you go, or how fast you go, or how long you go... or even how hard you go. What matters is that YOU GO!"

Goran Petrovski

Goran has been a part of the Fitness Addix family since 2008. He has completed a Diploma of Fitness, Bachelor in Exercise Science and Human Movement, plays semi-professional football and has completed Muay Thai training camps in Thailand during his time with Fitness Addix. Goran is currently a full time secondary school teacher, however he chooses not to leave Fitness Addix because of his passion in fitness. Goran believes that being fit and active should not be a chore but a lifestyle.

Luca Riboni

I became apart of the Fitness Addix family in the early months of 2016 and from there on I haven't looked back. I began my fitness journey when I was 13, I needed to find a way to shed my weight and I found that solution in my passion for boxing and weight training.  I got my first job at FitaFex and from there I built up my experience in the areas of weight training, boxing, high intensity training and this prepared me for the style that Fitness Addix posses.