Class Time Table

class timetable 

class timetable




High intensity boxing drills focused on improving and developing your boxing technique and skills. This class is based on learning, working hard and becoming a lean, mean fighting machine!

x-weight room

Too often we forget about getting back to basics, tried and tested methods of pure weight training. Develop your skills by getting back to weight training 101.


A class dedicated to activating your mid section by developing your strength and stability! Designed to help you activate everything from your core, to your lower back muscles. 

h.i.i.t legs/upper/boxing

High intensity interval training! Focusing on the upper and lower body with short burst, high intensity exercises formulated to improve your strength and burst fitness 




addix fit

A Fitness Addix original class that combines the multiple workout styles of countless full body exercises. Focus on getting you working harder for longer, increasing your overall strength and full body fitness.


This class will not only increase your muscle mass but burn fat! it's the perfect way to train adding cardio and weight training together for a serious workout.

cage x

Cagefit is based on the structure of an MMA bout. It will give you a total body workout in just 5-5 minute rounds. There are four key elements that are focused on endurance, strength, power and core fitness. 


Conditioning is almost everyone's number 1 goal, look good and look tight. In this class we will be focusing on more body weight/high rep style training in conjunction with non stop mentality. 30 minutes of non stop upper, lower and middle body movements.



AirSpace FX is a concept that can be adopted by anybody. It is a style of exercise that endorses the MOVE TRAIN & PLAY mentality. No matter your age, sex or athletic ability AirSpace FX is the functional training regime that can not only increase stamina and flexibility but also your self confidence.

MOVE: I want to move and feel good, I want to exercise my whole body and feel better each and every day. What I want is the ability to wake up each day feel fit fresh & ready to train

TRAIN: I want to train and get stronger. I want to gain muscle, decrease my body fat and burn as many calories as I can each and every session I want to keep my self in the best shape I  possibly can.

PLAY:  I want to play and enjoy my exercise. I want to feel part of a team and share a common goal. What I want to do is interact with people and when I join in, I feel really good about it. 

KINESIS: With Kinesis Stations, you will experience Intuitive Functional movement. Easy to use equipment combining the benefits of functional strength with the simplicity of more conventional equipment to advance progressively from a guided and easy routine to a more free and natural training regime. All without changing any attachments

OMNIA: A functional training system which optimizes strength, stamina endurance, flexibility, coordination and speed. It is designed specifically for small group personal training (4-10 people), to provide the same individual attention as one-one-one training but also the dynamic of training in a group setting.