At Fitness Addix, our trainers have expertise in all areas of fitness; ranging from strength and conditioning, martial arts, group classes, rehab, general health and well being and much more!


kelly britter (owner)

Having been in the fitness industry for 20 years, its simply my passion!

In 2004 I opened Fitness Addix and for over 14 years I’ve seen members, trainers and clients grow, develop, learn and achieve. Everyday people face challenges and watching them tackle these and overcome them with strength and determination is so rewarding.

Being a mum of 3 I don’t get to be around as much as in the past but I’ve always got my finger on the pulse and will continue to offer the most I can.

The fitness industry is sometimes fickle and full of fads and unrealistic goal posts but having so many years of experience and the knowledge I have I’m always confident that we deliver current, proven and individualized training methods.

My extensive background in strength and conditioning, martial arts and boxing, pre/postpartum, rehab, sports specific, nutrition and so on means Fitness Addix will always be a training facility that strives to get our clients results.


  • Competed in both State and National Titles in Body Shaping

  • Won 3 x 1st; 1 x 2nd and 1 x 3rd

  • Holds state and an Australian title in boxing and kick boxing

  • Trains every day (the kids let her)

  • Owner of Fitness Addix

  • Mother of three beautiful children

adam britter

I have been a Personal Trainer and Fitness Advisor for almost 7 years now. I have tried to gain as much knowledge about as many different training styles and methods as possible. Strength, Conditioning and Endurance are the methods I really enjoy teaching. I myself am a product of my own methods of training, since 2011 I have lost over 25kg’s and turned a lazy fat lifestyle into a lifestyle that consists of macro nutrient based eating/nutrition, daily weight training and a better outlook towards a healthier future.

My objective for my clients is to give them a sustainable training schedule and a diet that helps them achieve all of their goals. If you cannot do it for the rest of your life, is it worth implementing?  

“Don't judge a session on how sore you are, judge your session on it's ability to get you closer to your overall goal" 
A little about me:
•    Love running (3 x Run Melbourne Half Marathons) 
•    Shoulders are the best muscles to workout
•    Sports diehard
•    Focus on sustainability
•    Be active everyday, even a walk can help train your brain



Goran Petrovski

Goran has been a part of the Fitness Addix family since 2008. He has completed a Diploma of Fitness, Bachelor in Exercise Science and Human Movement, plays semi-professional football and has completed Muay Thai training camps in Thailand during his time with Fitness Addix. Goran is currently a full time secondary school teacher, however he chooses not to leave Fitness Addix because of his passion in fitness. Goran believes that being fit and active should not be a chore but a lifestyle.


E T H A N   R I L E Y

Having trained at Fitness Addix myself for over 4 years, I was more than excited to join the team in 2018. My passion for boxing has extended into more than just a hobby, and is a lifestyle that I live by.

Boxing has helped me in every area of my life; discipline, power, speed, athleticism and confidence, just to name some key areas.

I am now able to share this with the people I teach and enjoy a different aspect to the sport I love. I like to educate people on the art of boxing and it's capabilities, whilst providing them with a great session at the same time.