Group Fitness 2

Fitness Addix provides specialised classes designed around different aspects of training taken by trainers with advanced backgrounds to suit each class. Classes are non repetitive, keeping things fresh and exciting. Sessions run for either 30 to 60 minutes combining cardiovascular, resistance, boxing and full body training.

Our classes are a great and effective way to work out your entire body while also having fun. Bring your friends along and get addicted today.. your first session is on us!


Boxing classes - High intensity boxing drills focused on improving both your technique and conditioning. Our 60 minute classes are sure to have you a lean mean fighting machine!!

Addix Fix - Focuses on high intensity cross training, combining multiple workout styles full of countless whole body exercises. These special classes will help you on your way to that desired dream body.

Full Body Circuit - Is a mixture of weighted and cardio based stations designed to build up your strength and stamina!

To The Core - This 30 minute class is all about building your mid sections, developing core strength and stability! Designed to help you activate all those much needed muscles. 

Cage/Circuit - In this class we combine the cagefit style of training along with a more traditional circuit. This is a great workout combining two awesome styles of training and working as hard as possible!

Bottom 1/2 - Who doesn't like a nice pair of legs!! We are here to provide you with the legs and bum you have always wanted. Take this opportunity to get your BOTTOM half as strong and toned as possible.

Cagefit - You won't look back after attending one of these classes, the ultimate of workouts, MMA style training that kicks butt!

Sparring - 30 minutes of working in the ring with an amateur champ! Learn all you need to know for moving around the boxing ring. 

Spin and Circuit - is the perfect way to get the most out of your workouts. With high intensity drills on the spin bikes with the added bonus of circuit training mixed in. This class is perfect for every individual! Combining two of the best types of training possible.