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Adam Britter

Adam Britter 
Training Profile

I have been a Personal Trainer and Fitness Advisor for almost 4yrs now. I have tried to gain as much knowledge about as many different training styles and methods as possible. Strength, Conditioning and Endurance are the methods I really enjoy teaching. I myself am a product of my own methods of training, since 2011 I have lost over 20kg’s and turned a lazy life into a life consisting of long distance running, 4-5 day a week weight sessions and proper nutrition. 
I think the most important thing about Personal Training is building a great rapport with my clients, so we can achieve the goals as a team. I make the sessions hard but also fun, training doesn’t have to be boring smash. I make my sessions exciting and different every time. 

“Sore? Tired? Out of breath? Good it’s working” 
A little about me:
•    Love running (3 x Run Melbourne Half Marathons) 
•    Shoulders are the best muscles to workout 
•    Sports diehard 
•    Training isn’t meant to be just hard, it’s meant to be a journey.
•    Be active everyday 
See you in the gym